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What is it?


It is a communication channel that aims to facilitate communication between the management of the organization and people linked to it who, for one reason or another, have concerns or doubts about any action that may be liable to involve legal risks.

Law 2/2023, of February 20, requires certain organizations to implement an internal information channel that is nothing more than a tool, mechanism or procedure to facilitate such communication.


The objective scope of the standard includes all communications that deal with:

  • Violations of European Union Law when (i) they affect any of the matters indicated in Annex I of the Whistleblowing Directive, (ii) affect the financial interests of the Union or (iii) affect the internal market;
  • Serious or very serious administrative offenses.
  • Criminal acts.


The use of our channel makes the control work much more efficient for the different profiles.


The image of the channel is fully adapted to the corporate image of the client.

According to Regulations

It complies with current regulations and is also adaptable to regulatory changes that may exist.